Tips to Get to An Organized Home


I've found that one of the ways to create a home that is quick and easy to clean, it to make it an organized home. Here are three tips organizing tips to get you started and some more articles for some troublesome rooms like your closet and the garage.

Have a weekly and monthly cleaning schedule. Sit down and actually write out all the different chores that need to be done in the house, as well as the frequency at which they need to be completed.

Break chores or tasks up by room (or by category) and frequency, then, in the name of transparency and autonomy, have a discussion with your housemates/family. They may have other cleaning tasks to add to the list and can also decide and choose what tasks they will be responsible for.

Post a master copy of the schedule somewhere that is convenient to see, such as the fridge or message board.

By staying on a cleaning schedule you will actually decrease the amount of time that is spent cleaning overall, as there are never those marathon cleaning sessions needed to get the house back up to par.

Minimize clutter. Clutter can occur from many different factors. Usually clutter develops when there is simply too much "stuff" within a particular space. Even beautiful ornaments or pictures can appear cluttered if there are simply too many for the space.

Clutter also makes cleaning more difficult. Take an honest look at your rooms. Does the room appear small because there is so much stuff? If it does, try moving half of everything out of the room.

Pick your favorite furniture, pictures, ornaments, plants or whatever else may be cluttering the room and leave them, moving everything else out. Gradually add back items until the room looks comfortable and interesting without being overwhelming with clutter.

Avoid clutter-gathering objects such as magazine racks, multi-shelf tables, or large coffee tables that seem to attract old newspapers, books and other objects. Try using closed cabinets or drawers to keep loose items, these leaves a more streamlined appearance to the room.

Use Organizers. These organizers can be closet organizers, drawer organizers or stand alone organizers that match the rest of the furniture. Organizers are great for storing specialty items that normally just get left spread out across the room.

Consider multi-functional items such as universal remotes to cut down on the number of objects in the room. Bookracks, closed shelving units and even plastic bins are a good way to store items in an organized manner that keeps the room free from a bunch of random objects.

Get rid of junk. One of the biggest causes of disorganization is holding on to items that are no longer needed or useful. Unless you have a separate storage area, these items tend to clutter up the garage, spare rooms, and even spill out of the closets.

Make an annual habit of eliminating all the items that you no longer need or have replaced with newer models. Consider using a junk service or donating these items to a charity or local shelter.

Staying organized and planning for organized living is a way of living that can quickly become a great habit. Focus on what needs to be done to minimize clutter and keep the items you have in a neat, easy to find and use and organized fashion.

Be creative and encourage your family members to do the same and you will be amazed at how quickly you being your new lifestyle in your organized home.

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