13 Time Management Tips To Help You Find the Time To Do Your House Cleaning

The promise of computers was that we would have more time. To do... whatever. Remember Rosie from the 'Jetsons', the robot maid. Don't we all want a Rosie in our lives?

Well, unlike screens there are no robots named Rosie in every home that will get the house cleaning done. That has not turned out to be the case. Instead our time seems to be swallowed up by screens. Phones, tvs, computers - you name it!

But while we make time for screens and other stuff which don't contribute to our good health and piece of mind, we need to also make time to keep our homes clean.

Here are some tips to help you find the time to clean:

  1. Know everything you need to do to have the clean and organized home you desire. By having a clear idea of everything that needs to get done you can avoid wasting time or comitting your time to things that are less important.

  2. Avoid procrastination by doing quick cleaning tasks.

  3. Audit your time and commit to less. Note everything you spend your time on. Including screen time, going to and from work or the store. Time spent waiting. When possible use this time to do something which will free up some cleaning time later.

  4. This may sound a bit much, but when you do clean - do 5 minutes extra - try to do one more task. One that will take less than 5 minutes.

  5. Get rid of non-essential things (furniture, clothes, dishes). This saves time because there is less stuff to clean. Try an experiment of packing up your stuff like the minimalists. Then, taking out only what you need. If there are boxes remaining that you don't go into for a couple of months you can get rid of them.

  6. Hire a cleaning service to deal with the hard stuff. Deep cleaning if you really can't find the time.

  7. Get others to help. This is similar to hiring a cleaning service, but free-ish.

  8. List and log the time you currently use to do cleaning tasks. Do this over a month. How effective was your cleaning activities? Do you still feel overwhelmed? At any point was your home as clean and organized as you want it?

  9. Practice some digital minimalism and drastically cut down on your screen time at home. Remove binge watching from your vocabulary and maybe challenge yourself to a month of digital minimalism.

  10. Use speed cleaning techniques. Learn the best, fastest way to complete a cleaning task.

  11. Buy and use tools that are easy to clean, like non stick pans.

  12. Keep your cleaning tools in good working condition. We may not have a robot Rosie in our lives, but we can take care of what we do have so that they continue to work effectively - saving us time. I'm taking about the washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaners etc.

  13. Before purchasing something, take into consideration, the cleaning factor. How much time would you have to spend cleaning it. If you don't have the time consider not buying it.

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