Using Steam Pressure Washers For Amazing Results

Steam pressure washers are available in both residential style and commercial models.

For most home owners the residential models will be more than adequate for all the odd jobs that you will find these machines handy for.

The models can be electric or gas powered and either is a great option. The electric steam pressure washers are easier to start but do require a long extension cord if they are going to be used away from the house or garage.

A gas powered pressure washer doesn't need the additional power supply but also may require additional upkeep on the motor.

Many of the steam pressure washers also offer the option of hot water pressure washing from the same piece of equipment. This can be very handy, especially in hard to reach places where a jet of water is all that is needed to clean the surface area.

Steam cleaners are excellent for several large and small cleaning projects. Many models offer the option of detergent addition to the steam or hot water spray and this is definitely a plus when working with greasy or heavily soiled areas. Steam cleaning is very effective for:

  • Removing grease from engines, motors and other vehicle parts.

  • Removing oil and grease stains from flooring in garages or on the pavement or driveway area.

  • Removing mold or mildew off the siding of a house.

  • Removing mold from the grout or mortar on rock or brick buildings, sidewalks or houses.

  • Removing flaking paint from fences, houses or other buildings.

  • Cleaning gutters and drains.

  • Cleaning windows and siding.

  • Washing vehicles.

Steam pressure washers usually either come with or have accessories that can be purchased for various uses.

An extension wand is a handy addition that makes cleaning hard to reach places very simple. Other accessories include brushes, cleaning compounds and even specialized nozzles.

The steam pressure cleaner will usually have a temperature control as well as a trigger device to allow the operator to adjust both the volume of steam as well as the temperature.

When you purchase a steam cleaner be sure to check for the availability of accessories, parts and repair services.

Shopping online is an easy and convenient way to understand the various options offered by the manufacturers and compare prices and ratings.

Once you use a steam pressure washer once you will never go back to the bucket and a sponge that you were using previously.

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