Laundry Cleaning Tips - Guide to Doing Laundry

If today is your day to do laundry, I'm guessing that there is clothes everywhere. And others looking on may not see it but you know exactly which pile of laundry is clean and which pile is waiting in line to be cleaned.

To help ease the load, I've put together some laundry cleaning tips for you. Some are obvious and I'm certain that you put them to use, while others may be a surprise to you.

I hope that these laundry cleaning tips are helpful to you...

...but first

I know that some of us have more laundry to do since our lifestyle may be different but we all can benefit from laundry cleaning tips.

The people who have more laundry to do than others will definitely like to know tips about cleaning laundry.

Starting from the simplest laundry cleaning tip...

You must separate their items to be washed

Whites, dark, towels, underwear, and of course large or heavy items should all be separated into different piles.

Wash all darks and lights separate from each other

If the dark items are mixed with the white items, the white items may be clean but will have a dark cast on them which many times never fades away.

Do not to wash towels with black items such as black slacks

Since all the fuzz from the towels will grab onto the black fabric. No body likes lint covered black slacks.

Laundry cleaning tips for jeans

When jeans are being washed a tip is to either wash them alone or with other jeans or other dark clothes since the denim do have a tendency to run.

When washing whites, a laundry cleaning tip would be to use peroxide in the water instead of harsh bleach

The whites will become white without the bleach smell and hazard of spotting. Peroxide can also be added to the dark clothing in the machine and will come out brighter and not bleached out.

If the machine is not a commercial type, then choosing the different cycles helps with cleaning your laundry

If the items are delicate then use the delicate cycle so the items are not tossed around quite as rough. Make sure to use enough water and detergent and not to overload the machine so the clothes have enough room to swish around. Besides, overloading can cause the machine to become unbalanced, which besides making a lot of noise, can break the machine.

Use commercial machines for your larger items

When you need to wash a blanket, a tip would be is to take those items to a commercial laundry mat or a cleaning store where the machines could accommodate these items.

If you want your belongings to come out clean and not damaged, laundry cleaning tips are helpful when you are new at the game.

Before I finish, I feel that I must mention these three obvious laundry cleaning tips. Please stifle the need to say "Doh" after you read them.

  • When washing whites in the laundry a tip would be to use hot water.
  • Darker items wash better in a cold water wash.
  • Consider adding another laundry day in your weekly house cleaning schedule.

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