Quick and Easy Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The kitchen is often a gathering place for family and friends but with a few quick and easy kitchen-cleaning tips, you can have your kitchen looking fabulous.

Sometimes you are lucky enough to get a warning in advance but at other times, unexpected guests drop in for a surprise visit during the holidays. You want your kitchen to smell and look clean and fresh. Here are some kitchen-cleaning tips and preventative tips that will have your guests complimenting you on your kitchen.

Preventative Kitchen Cleaning Tips

  • Keep your counters clutter free, as the more items you have on your counter top, the less neat and tidy it looks. Store the appliances or utensils that you do not use weekly, in your cupboard. Not only does it look less cluttered but also it is far easy to clean your countertops.

  • Clean spills as you cook, so you do not have a huge job on your hands when you are finished.

  • When you are baking or cooking, keep a sink full of hot soapy water ready, so you can drop any dishes or utensils in, once you have finished using them. This prevents food from drying on them and makes cleanup fast and easy.

  • Remove the food in your refrigerator ever few weeks and clean the shelves with soapy warm water. Check the expiration dates as you put the food back into your fridge and toss out any that have expired. In addition, an open box of baking soda removes odors. Do the same in your pantry.

Easy Kitchen Cleaning Tips

  1. To keep your kitchen garbage disposer smelling fresh, run some lime or lemon pieces through it twice a week. Two tablespoons of baking soda along with a couple of ice cubes, followed by hot water, will also keep it fresh smelling.

  2. Removing burned-on food in a pot or pan is easy when you add a few drops of liquid dish soap and an inch of water. Bring this to a boil, remove the pot or pan from the heat and let it cool. Empty and wash in hot soapy water and the burned-on food will disappear.

  3. Cleaning a blender or food processor is quick and easy when you add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap and fill it halfway with warm water. Blend away and watch the mess vanish. Rinse and clean as usual.

  4. In a four-cup microware safe glass bowl or cup, add two cups of water and two tablespoons of vinegar or lemon juice. Place this in your microwave and cook on high power for three or four minutes. Let the bowl or cup cool, then remove, and use paper towels to wipe the microwave clean. This works well on stuck-on spills or food.

  5. To remove melted plastic wrap, such as a bread wrapper, from your toaster or toaster oven, first let the toaster cool. Use a paper towel with nail polish remover, to get rid of the melted wrap.

  6. Baking soda sprinkled in the bottom or your kitchen garbage pail or plastic bag will reduce the food odors.

  7. White vinegar on a soft cloth is a great way to remove spots from your stainless steel cutlery. Use a dry cloth to wipe it dry.

Kitchen cleaning tips can make keeping your kitchen look wonderful and fresh, very easy and quick.

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