Ten Tips For Using Hot Water Pressure Washers

Hot water pressure washers are great for both home and commercial use. They are usually gas, diesel or propane powered but there are some electrical models on the market as well. Hot water provides extra cleaning potential both with or without chemicals or detergents and is especially useful for removing grease or oil stains from driveways, garage floors, vehicles or outdoor lawn equipment.

When using hot water pressure washers these ten tips will help you get the best possible results:

  1. Work on small areas at a time, especially if they are heavily soiled. Smaller areas are easier to manage when heavy cleaning is required.

  2. Use several passes with the hot water and detergent, rinsing thoroughly in between. Very heavy stains may require three or four treatments to completely remove the stain.

  3. Use a commercial cleaner on hard to clean items. Homemade cleaners are often great for smaller or less several stains but heavy oil or grease will require a commercial product.

  4. Only use the products and amounts indicated by the manufacturer. The addition of more cleaning product usually won't help and will just mean extra rinsing and possible damage to plants and lawns.

  5. Always be safe around hot water pressure waters. Both the motor as well as the liquid will be very hot, the water can be over 240 degrees F, so safety should be a consideration.

  6. Never allow children to operate hot water pressure washers. Children may not realize the safety issues with using the pressure washer and may end up burning themselves, pets, or even damaging the item that they are trying to pressure wash.

  7. Never hold the pressure wand positioned on a wood or other soft material for a long period of time. This will result in damage, even on concrete or other surfaces. Always keep the wand moving in steady uniform motions.

  8. Use the pressure washer in a pattern, either up and down or straight across. This will help to ensure that the whole surface is washed. Uniform patterns of cleaning will also prevent streaking and lines in the finished surface.

  9. Overlap the wand pattern by about 10% on either side to eliminate lines and missed patches. Some manufacturers recommend washing first horizontally and then diagonally to prevent this problem.

  10. Always allow the surface to dry at least 24 hours before painting or staining. Remember that the pressure forces the water into the surface, and while it may appear dry to the touch under the surface may still have a high moisture content.

Always keep pressure washers clean and empty the tank after each use. Proper maintenance as outlined in the owner's manual will keep your hot water pressure washer in great shape for all your cleaning projects.

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