Three of the Best Ways to Cure Your Closet Clutter

Once upon a time closet clutter ruled. My closet was a dumping ground - littered with toys, remote controls, even dishes.

You see - the closet in question is positioned in the line of fire. Its location makes it the perfect dumping ground - especially in the case of unexpected guests.

I would throw the 'stuff' in there and just close the door. It's really a great solution - but my solution needs a conclusion.

My problem...

I did not get the 'stuff' out of the closet immediately after my guests left. As a result - my closet clutter not only included 'stuff' that's not supposed to be there in the first place - but also 'stuff' that was suppose to be there.

Yeah I know this sounds bad - but thankfully my closet clutter is a problem of the past.

Now it's time to get your closet cured - starting today.

Let's get started with the first cure.

The First Cure


Remove What Does not Belong

Get yourself a container, basket or garbage bag. Bravely - and with purpose - open your closet door. Leaving the anxiety behind, bend down and start removing all the 'stuff' that does not belong in the closet...

The remotes, plates, toys, etc, etc, etc...

When you finish with the bottom, stand up and continue at the middle and top.

Once you are confident that you've gotten all the intruders out, step back and gently close the closet door and lock it...

...just kidding.

Now - look at your closet intruders and put them back where they belong - the kitchen, bedroom, trash or wherever...

Once you finish take a break and do something else...



Back already...

Well I've been rethinking locking of the closet door while you go through this process - especially if there is someone else in the house.

If you think locking it is too drastic how about a sign...

"This closet is in the process of being cured from clutter. If your 'stuff' does not belong in here - don't put it in here. Thank you."

You can come up with your own sign - but don't you think locking is easier?

Time for cure number two.

The second cure


Remove What You don't Use

I've come to the conclusion that the 80/20 rule can be applied to the contents of your closet.

In my opinion eighty percent of your closet content is not used.

Okay - I'm sensing your "She's crazy" thoughts - but hear me out.

Take a chair - unlock the door and just sit there and look. If you still don't see it - move all the clothes you wear regularly to one side - add to this all the things you used within the last year.

Now sit and look at it again. Have you seen the light - or a glimmer of what I'm talking about?

If you do see what I'm talking about - the rest is easy.

All you need to do is decide what to do with the eighty percent and do it.

You have 4 choices...

  1. Give away
  2. Throw away
  3. Sell
  4. Keep

The third cure


Those two tips cured me of the problem of staring at my once overflowing closet and thinking that I had nothing to wear.

You see my personal style is a bit...meh - so my closet was filled was meh clothes.

There was nothing about it that screamed me. It only showed my follow the fashion trend at the moment fashion sense (if I can even call it that).

This revealed to me that I was forgetting one of the most useful cures for curing closet clutter...

Get rid of anything that no longer fits your personal style.

Tell me why my leopard print spaghetti strap mini dress is still in my closet. Under what circumstances would I ever be seen in public in it ever again (Ha, who knows).

I'm sure you have your own fashion mishaps just taking up valuable space in your own closet.

The question is...

Why would you want to clutter your closet and body for that matter, with clothing that no longer serve you well?

Clothing which don't fit or are no longer flattering or make you feel good when you get dressed.

This is the missing link!

Bear with me, I had a bit of an AHA moment...

To be permanently cure closet clutter you need to put some effort into curating your closet by finding your personal style.

Only allowing clothing that you want to wear and actually look good in.

One of the best ways I've found to do that is with Anuschka Rees' book, "The Curated Closet: A Simple System for Discovering Your Personal Style and Building Your Dream Wardrobe".

It's your closet. You can cure it of its clutter. So start today - find 15 to 30 minutes and open your closet door.

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