Getting the Most from Carpet Shampooers

Using one of the many types and models of residential carpet shampooers is a great way to keep you carpet looking clean and fresh. The residential carpet cleaners are often less bulky and heavy than the commercial models and are very reasonably priced.

Many people find that by having a good quality carpet shampooer at their house they are able to avoid having to pay either a company to come in and clean the rugs or having to travel to the store to rent a commercial unit.

Generally residential models of carpet shampooers are designed for light to moderately soiled carpet and may not be heavy duty enough for very heavily stained carpets.

Generally home carpet shampooers are very similar to using an upright or canister style vacuum and are generally about the same size.

There are a few rules or guidelines to follow when using a carpet shampooer that will make your carpet come out just the way you want it. The following tips are meant to supplement what is found in the owner's manual for the model you are using:

  • Use a good quality carpet shampoo and pre-treatment for heavy stains if necessary. Never use laundry soap or other cleaning products not designed specifically for carpet shampooing as they may damage the carpet.

  • Avoid over saturating the area with water or moisture from the shampooer. Carpet that is very wet will take a long time to dry, possibly leading to stains and actually increasing the dirt on the carpet. The wet fibers of the carpet may also attract mold and fungus that can cause allergic reactions in some individuals. This will also cause a musty or moldy smell in the house that can permanently stay in the carpet.

  • Never use full strength carpet shampoo on stains. This will leave a heavy residue in the area and make the carpet feel sticky and stiff. It may also discolor the carpet or even bleach the area depending on the type of shampoo used.

  • Avoid using homemade shampoos or mixtures of shampoos or cleaning solutions in the machines. This can lead to carpet damage and even possible health concerns as the various chemicals mix in the tank.

  • Always test a small area of carpet before treating the whole rug or carpet. A small area in a closet or under stairs is a safe place to test.

Following the instructions from the manufacturer will ensure a clean carpet with no complications. Using a carpet shampooer is a great way to keep your carpets looking new and avoiding the cost of hiring a carpet cleaning company...

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