Carpet Cleaning Advice and Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning advice is helpful because all carpets look wonderful when they are new, but unfortunately, they do not stay that way. Over time, carpets become soiled or stained, which not only spoils the look but may also have an odor or be unhygienic.

The frequency of cleaning depends on how much wear a carpet gets from children, pets, family members and other sources. If you have a family with both children and pets, your carpet will require cleaning more often than a family with no children or pets.

Even if your carpet does not look dirty, you need to clean it regularly. Remember that they design carpets to hide dirt but that does not mean you only need to clean it when there are marks or stains. No matter what type of carpet you have, whether it is Berber or shag, regular vacuuming is required to remove surface dirt.

With all the carpet cleaning advice available and different methods of getting get rid of dirt and stains, your carpet will look great. The most common carpet cleaning methods are steam cleaning, foam, dry cleaning and shampooing.

  • Steam cleaning or hot water extraction uses extremely hot water combined with a carpet cleaning solution, which you apply to the carpet. Very hot water then rinses and removes the dirty water solution from the carpet.

    You can rent a carpet steam cleaner or have it done professionally. When done professionally, truck mounted units clean more thoroughly than the portable cleaning units do.

  • Shampooing - The carpet-cleaning machine agitates a detergent, with brighteners and deodorizers, into the carpet. Once dried, you extract the dirt by vacuuming.
  • Dry cleaning - This method applies a dry powder to the carpet, which sticks to the dirt. Vacuuming the carpet removes the dirt and powder.
  • Foam cleaning - A foam detergent is applied, worked into the carpet fibers and then extracted along with the dirt. Because this method uses very little water, the carpet dries very fast.

If your carpet is extremely dirty, a useful piece of carpet cleaning advice is to have your carpet cleaned professionally. You can extend the life of your carpet by taking proper care of it. By removing stains quickly and regular carpet cleaning, you will enjoy your carpet for many years.

Keeping your carpet clean is a necessary part of having a fresh, clean home. Removing stains and dirt is a good way to be sure you do not have any unwanted odor or it looks unsightly. Following some carpet cleaning advice helps you keep your home looking wonderful...
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